Monthly Digest #26 | Feb-23 | Sweat Your Assets

Hi Enjoy this curated list of monthly content. QUOTES ADVISE. No enemy is worse than bad advice. (Sophocles) INVESTING. in most fields, the harder you try, the better you do. There is a strong correlation between effort and outcome. That’s not the case in...
6 biggest market scams

6 biggest market scams

6 biggest market scams With investing, I suggest looking for clear investment strategies and realistic returns rather than “smart”  and exclusive opportunities. Once you get burned by a market scam, it is often too late. In this spirit, I like Warren...
My Personal Asset Allocation

My Personal Asset Allocation

My Personal Asset Allocation Introduction In his book Skin in the Game, Nassim Nicholas Taleb was able to boil down several financial comments in one sentence: “Don’t tell me what you think, tell me what you have in your portfolio”. This canny comment has...

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