7 lessons from the Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon, the success secrets from the Ancients”  is the most popular publication of George S. Clason.

The Book – The Richest Man in Babylon

Even if it was written and published in 1926, it is still extremely popular and relevant today:

  • it is one of the first divulgation books on Financial Planning and Personal Wealth.
  • In this book, we have the first written reference to the concept of “paying yourself first”. This slogan is now a mantra and golden principle in personal finance). I have extensively covered this concept with the review of the book “The automatic millionaire”, by David Bach
  • With the Richest Man in Babylon Clason demonstrated being an excellent storyteller: he shared financial principles using philosophical parables set in ancient Babylon: a successful way to engage an audience.

The Animated Video – The Richest Man in Babylon

In this animated video – a small experiment – I share an extract from the book, that focuses on a parable titled “The 7 Financial Rules of Arkad, the Richest Man in Babylon”.

Transcript on the 7 Financial Rules of Arkad

  • Financial Rule 1: every month, a part of earnings is yours to keep and put aside: pay yourself first
  • Financial Rule 2: differentiate between NEEDS and WANTS with your expenditures
  • Financial Rule 3: invest your monthly savings, so that they will grow exponentially over time
  • Financial Rule 4: protect your savings from losses
  • Financial Rule 5: own your home, make it an asset
  • Financial Rule 6: insure your assets
  • Financial Rule 7: invest in yourself, grow your skills, become wiser

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