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Welcome to Sweat Your Assets. This financial education platform boosted with practical wisdom will help you improve yourself, master your finances and build wealth.


We all know money is essential, but we don’t necessarily want to spend our lives thinking about it. However, as life evolves, needs and responsibilities arise. Costs for education, pensions, housing and healthcare continue to grow. In most developed countries and emerging markets, public welfare programs won’t be able to cover all your upcoming needs. Life might also throw you a couple of curveballs.

There is always a moment in someone’s life when you feel the need to take complete control of your financial future. It is way better to do it sooner, out of inspiration, than later, out of desperation. As the saying goes: don’t wait to be thirsty to dig a well.

Good news, though: we live in the information age. It has never been easier to access knowledge. As a result, you should be able to obtain the necessary know-how to manage your assets, secure your income, invest in your dearest projects, build your wealth and contribute to the well-being of your community. Right?

Indeed, universities and business institutes have advanced courses on financial and investment subjects. Book shops and libraries have sections dedicated to them. Similar topics are widely discussed in the media. However, most popular content is based on industry’s sell-side marketing or unreliable financial gurus secrets (financial porn), rather than evidence-based systems and principles. It is common to feel confused by such noise. Here, I choose a different path.


Call it Financial Education, Financial Inclusion or Personal Finance: the goal is to contribute to your personal and financial well-being. You will have a toolkit to become resilient, unshakable and thrive, creating the conditions for a ripple effect around you. So, yes, I believe in a broader positive social impact driven by individual growth.  


Every month I publish new articles and videos on money, Investing and entrepreneurship. The contents derive from my 15+ years of experience as a financial practitioner and Investor. Beyond a vetted collection of studies, books and interviews of great minds, I share actionable strategies and investing tools that truly work for me.


Financial success is 80% about soft skills (mindset) and only 20% about technical skills. Contrary to common perception, finance is more an art than a science. Despite the elegance of classic economic theories, there is no evidence of a “homo economicus” with the ability of making rational decisions. Indeed, all finance is behavioural: individuals (professionals and non-professionals alike) make (financial) decisions based on emotions and cognitive biases.

In a nutshell, we must remind ourselves that “we met the enemy, he is us”. In order to master financial matters, we must master ourselves first: discipline equals freedom. Therefore, I choose to promote financial literacy with a strong personal growth twist, borrowing from different disciplines alike (philosophy, psychology and history), to build a practical and effective Mindset.


My strategy is to promote practical financial education based on timeless principles, evidence-based practices and tested tools and services. As a result, you will be able to make sound financial decisions in line with your personal circumstances, needs and lifestyle.

No matter your current stage in life, age, geographic location or work environment, I trust these resources will inspire you to improve your mindset, master your finances and thrive. 

How? Your are not separate from your goals by a number of years, but by a number of actions: Invest in yourself and take action

Sweat Your Assets and enjoy the Compounding Effect.

Alex Baroni

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