Are you making your cash sad?

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Are you making your Cash unhappy?

Yes, that could be the case. At least, that’s what stated a recent advertisement of an American financial service provider (Personal Capital).

Why your cash should be sad?

“Because she knows it can be working so much harder for you, but it’s stuck in your bank account, earning practically nothing”.

This advertisement states that the US “national rate on cash in savings accounts is a miserable 0.09%, yet hundreds of millions of dollars are sitting in those accounts, just waiting to work harder”.

What is the moral of the story?

Here it is: “Help your cash, help you”. Deposit your idle cash in their high yields saving account (1.55% APY)!

Even if we don’t sponsor this specific financial service, we definitely encourage you to make sure you are “Sweating Your Assets”. As such, wherever you live or hold your liquid assets, shop around, maintain the most efficient asset allocation based on your risk appetite and financial goals.

Give every dollar a job: Sweat your Assets.

Financial Wisdom + Discipline = Financial Freedom


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