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I particularly cherish this witty take on attitude: A Bad Attitude Is Like A Flat Tire, You Can’t Go Anywhere Until You Change It” (unknown author). Indeed, I like to think of an attitude like a physical posture: we all know that with a correct physical posture we are more effective; we encounter less fatigue,  we feel better and perform better. I find it helpful to think the same for attitude (mental posture): by consciously choosing and nurturing our mental posture, we select the lenses, the angle we perceive the reality. The way we see in our daily life has a direct impact on the way we feel about ourselves, the way we process events around us. As such, with the right attitude, we can find ourselves better positioned in processing internal negative emotions or external challenging situations. On the other hand, with the wrong attitude, we can’t go anywhere; we fall into a negative state.

Well, if we cannot always control what happens to us, what we can do is to control our attitude toward what happens to us; for instance, we can master the change, frame the context, and don’t impulsively react to things.  This is indeed a big deal; that’s why I like to think of attitude as wisdom in action.

There will never a magic formula for having the right attitude; these are good news though. As free individuals, we are the captains of our soul. In normal conditions, we should be able to recognize bad attitudes and good attitudes, like we identify good or bad habits, good or bad diets. It is up to us to intentionally guide and nurture a healthy and fruitful attitude, making sure not to drive with a flat tyre!

Luckily, we can find inspiration, motivation and guidance to improve our daily attitude through several paths, based on our individual inclinations and needs: meditation, prayers, positive relationships, goal setting, enriching readings or professional help.

Like any human endeavour, our business and financial ventures call for wise actions. The capital market is volatile and nerve-racking, personal finance and investments ultimately require as much personal attitude as financial aptitude. As such, we can successfully sweat our assets by building and nurturing the right attitude.

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