Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It is leadership

SAILING in the storm

In a recent video on his Channel Valuetainment, the author and entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David shared his take on the right attitude to be taken during prolonged health and financial crisis like the recent one caused by Covid 19. He clarifies that in front of challenges, media tends to make people feel bad about themselves. This does not help because no-one does good in their lives when they feel bad about themselves: we are not productive when we feel bad about ourselves.

Patrick also points out that if you are a leader, you must know that no-one wants to follow someone who feels bad about himself. As a family leader, as a business leader, as a community leader, you need to bring the message that not everything can hurt you. Not everything can hurt us!

Patrick is not saying we cannot be hurt; he is not saying we are robots. We have feelings, emotions, but we don’t show hurt, we don’t show fear, because when showing hurt …other spirits & feelings enter our body: fear, fear, fear. It becomes too much to handle.

patrick bet david

For Patrick, one way to overcome it is to live a little bit in the future. Yes, easter philosophy reminds us that if you live in the past, you are depressed; if you live in the future, you are anxious. If you live in the present, you are at peace. However, this is the time to live a little bit in the be excited about the future, look forward to it with optimism. This mental trick will twist and confuse any present negative emotion. Let’s be genuinely excited about the future. Talking negative and behaving with a victim mentality can bring attention; it can bring “viewership”. However, this is not the time for viewership: it is time for leadership.

Patrick launches us a 5 steps challenge:

– chin up

– impose confidence

– don’t show hurt

– put things in perspective

– lead the people in your life

…eventually, everything will work itself out.

Patrick’s approach could sound cheap positive thinking, but it is not. It is not even the punchline joke of:

Does it hurt? No, it only hurts when I laugh.

it only hurts when i laugh | Sweat Your Assets

More than ever, I think it is important to learn to distance ourselves from the noise and avoid digesting and reverberating negative vibes. Yes, we need to recognize danger without being blocked by fear. Patrick’s attitude reminds me of Ralph Marston quote:

Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It is leadership

Quite Frankly, I gladly embrace and promote Patrick’s challenge. What about you?

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