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Do you want to learn to optimize earning, saving, and investing?

Great! You are in the right place. Welcome to Sweat Your Assets. This financial education platform, boosted with practical wisdom, will help you improve, master your finances and thrive.


While I extensively discuss money, financial skills, and entrepreneurship, these are only a means to an end.

You might look for ways to escape poverty or grow your wealth. That’s great! In both cases, I suggest achieving it sustainably, in line with your unique need, risk profile and lifestyle. This approach will guide you through a personal development journey to secure your financial goals.

Charlatans and scammers don’t take a day off.  With all the money people lose listening to TikTok Influencers promoting fads and quick rich schemes, I feel a moral duty to promote good financial judgment.


I publish new monthly articles, podcasts, and videos on Money, Investing, and Entrepreneurship. These technical « financial workouts » range from ways to optimize money management (defense approach) to ways to harvest value, create income streams, and achieve financial wealth (offense approach).

While some of these topics are widely discussed in the media, the most popular content is based on the industry’s sell-side marketing or unreliable financial gurus’ secrets (financial porn) rather than evidence-based systems and principles.

It is common to feel confused by such noise. Here, I choose a personal path to demystify technical topics and remark on detrimental financial approaches.

Beyond a vetted collection of studies, books, and interviews of great minds, I share actionable strategies and investing tools that genuinely worked for me as a Financial expert, Entrepreneur, and Investor.


Financial success is 80% about soft skills (mindset) and only 20% about technical skills. Contrary to common perception, finance is more an art than a science.

Despite the elegance of classic economic theories, there is no evidence of “homo economicus” with the ability to make rational decisions. Indeed, all finance is behavioral: individuals (professionals and non-professionals alike) make (financial) decisions based on emotions and cognitive biases.

We must remind ourselves that “we met the enemy. He is us”. To master financial matters, we must master ourselves first: discipline equals freedom.

Therefore, I promote financial literacy with a solid personal growth twist, borrowing from several disciplines (philosophy, psychology and history), to build a practical and effective Growth Mindset.

Between money and mindset, the strongest causality for sustainable financial success is due to the mindset. If you only focus on the money, you miss the leverage of mindset hiding in plain sight.


My strategy is to promote practical financial education based on timeless principles, evidence-based practices and tested tools and services. This way, you can make sound financial decisions in line with your circumstances, risk appetite, needs, lifestyle and expected impact.

Will it be an easy journey? No. It won’t be an easy journey. Learning to master your finances, bring extra value to society, ride the markets and hold the direction requires knowledge and temperament (discipline).

Quoting Charlie Munger,

« It is not supposed to be easy. Anyone who finds it easy is st#pid ».

However, if it were easy, everyone would already be doing it, right?

Thus, no matter your current stage in life, age, geographic location, or economic environment, I trust these resources will equip you to improve your growth mindset, master your finances and thrive. 

How? You are not separated from your goals by a number of years but by a number of actions.

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