How Farmers Can Leverage Technology

How Farmers Can Leverage Technology


Despite the political transition, fragile economy and poor infrastructure, Sudan hosts a dynamic ecosystem of young entrepreneurs and startups ready to serve the regional and global market with innovative products and services.



As part of their solar-powered cold storage Lunch Event, the two BARIDI co-founders Ranya Elawad and Khalid Abdelgadir, invited Alessandro Baroni (Microfinanza), Mary Lupul (Mercy Corps) and Rudaina Mustafa (Viamo) to a Panel Discussion at 249Startups on How Farmers Can Leverage Technology To Achieve Stability And Growth.

To know more about Baridi’s innovative solutions that help smallholder farmers reduce their post-harvest losses and have better market access, check out their website.



Do you want to learn more about the New Sudanese Wave of Entrepreneurs and Impact Investors? Stay Tuned. I am now working with African Incubators and International Investment Funds to promote Access to Finance among local entrepreneurs and multi-sector Value Chains!



 – How to look beyond financial returns with Impact Investing

Iatrogenic. Avoid unintended harm

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