30 Mental bottlenecks that limit your financial freedom

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Do you have mental bottlenecks about Money and Wealth? Everyone can learn the basics of money and investing and set up the right systems to achieve the desired financial goals. However, you will struggle financially if you get temporarily stuck with a limiting attitude and mindset. Period.

As you may know:

a bad attitude  Is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change It.

Life is complicated. The job market is competitive. Many countries and governments don’t help social mobility and wealth creation. Money is a weird tool; talking about it could be a slippery slope. Financial markets are not as efficient and rational as we would like to think, and most economic models have drawbacks. Many things don’t work as they should.

Despite all the complexity and challenges, you always have the means to take control of your financial future and become your own CFO. Therefore, in my humble experience, it is important NOT to fall into “limiting mindsets and behaviours”. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to achieve financial independence.


1) you want to receive before giving  [mental bottleneck]

2) you think the financial markets are evil and the economy is rotten. You wait for it to collapse, and then you will decide what to do about your finances   [mental bottleneck]  [mental bottleneck]

3) You wait for someone else close to you to try the idea first before considering it yourself [mental bottleneck]

4) You dream about something but make excuses to keep the dream in your drawer without taking the first step toward it [mental bottleneck]

5) You don’t want to make any mistake [mental bottleneck]

6) You are totally risk-averse. You don’t realize you fail every shot you don’t try. You don’t realize not taking some risks could be a major risk in itself [mental bottleneck]

7) You enjoy over-analyzing, waiting for “the right” moment or the perfect situation. This is a paralysis analysis. This is pure procrastination [mental bottleneck]

8) You want everything “clear” before starting. You don’t believe in baby steps, following a learning curve [mental bottleneck]

9) You think that chasing an opportunity is like gambling [mental bottleneck]

10) You think that taking calculated risks is like gambling. You think that analyzing the probability of risk and rewards is like gambling [mental bottleneck]

11) You think succeeding is only based on luck, connections or raw talent. You underestimate the power of education, discipline, and healthy habits

12) You think you are just unlucky. You are somehow a fatalist. You feel like a victim of circumstances

13) You think that positive change is not possible. You don’t have a growth mindset

14) You think someone else is responsible for your situation (family, partner, company, government, society). You don’t take responsibility for your own future

15) You expect the government to look after you. You think it is the responsibility of society to look after you

16) You think that doing a business or investing implies stealing or harming someone else (you think it is a zero-sum game)

17) You don’t have a clear view of things you can control, and things you cannot control

18) You were taught to fear money. Therefore, you are uncomfortable managing money and discussing “money.” You accept the fact you don’t need or want to think about it

19) Money is evil. People who talk about money are greedy

20) You don’t like math. Therefore you don’t want to learn about personal finance and investing

21) You feel you are poor and penniless. Therefore you wait to make some money before thinking about it

22) You will think about money, personal finance and investing when you are older. Now you are too young to think about it

23) You feel you are now too old to think about money and investing

24) You think you need to have enough money before methodically saving and investing it

25) You have not yet realised that, ultimately, excuses are lies we tell ourselves to stay on the “easy road.”

26) You want to fully “control” your investment. You don’t want to consider the volatility, the intrinsic and inevitable changes in offer and demand, the economic cycles, and the crisis.

27) You look for dogmatic and or scientific approaches to investing. You don’t accept investing is more an art than a science

28) You look for Gurus, hacks, and secret formulas

29) You think wealth is mainly inherited. There is no or extremely limited social mobility

30) You think your best way to obtain wealth is through redistribution. You spend more time reading about sociologic analysis on what society should do than business and investment analysis on what you could do about it.

Bottom Line

Based on personal experiences, I think this list of Mindset and Mental Bottlenecks will grow over time. You might find it provocative. Well, that’s the point: I feel we have all been exposed – in one way or another – to limiting beliefs.

That’s ok. That’s normal. However, as long as we identify clear financial goals, we need to test, question and overcome any unhelpful attitude or mental bottleneck. Otherwise, we won’t achieve our personal and financial goals.

Keep it real, Sweat Your Assets.

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