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  • ADVISE. No enemy is worse than bad advice. (Sophocles)
  • INVESTING. in most fields, the harder you try, the better you do. There is a strong correlation between effort and outcome. That’s not the case in investing. (Morgan Housel)
  • MINDSET. It doesn’t make sense to continue wanting something if you’re not willing to do what it takes to get it. To crave the result but not the process, is to guarantee disappointment. (James Clear)


With investing, I suggest looking for clear investment strategies and realistic returns rather than “smart”  and exclusive opportunities. Once you get burned by a market scam, it is often too late.

To decrease the chances of doing anything wrong with investments, let’s learn more about historical financial fraud, with my Check out my TOP 6 Financial Frauds of all time, from Ponzi to Madoff!

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Morgan Housel, author of the Investment and Behavioural Finance book the Psychology of Money comments on Warren Buffett, Success, Passive Long Term Investing and the role of behaviour vs intelligence.


Until Next Month…Keep it Real and Sweat Your Assets.

Alessandro BARONI




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