Writing is a great workout

Writing workout_Sweat Your Assets

As an entrepreneur, you provide value to the market. To be competitive and effective,  you need to include a certain degree of creativity in your strategy, in the design of the products/services or how you deliver them.

While software and apps are valuable tools for modern entrepreneurs, there is nothing like writing on a journal, wallboard, or notepad to develop ideas.

However, I have noticed there are two major misconceptions about writing and scribbling:

1) You write because you are inspired

Yes, this is possible. However, consider the other way around: you choose to write to develop ideas (projects, strategies, products, services) not yet identified. The white canvas helps your focus. It lets you open your flow of creativity and productivity. As a matter of fact, you know that inspiration exists, but it must find you at work (Pablo Picasso).

2) You write based on specific needs and goals

Keeping the client in mind is a correct marketing approach. Having a strong focus on the goals is efficient. However, it is not necessarily strategic or practical. If you want to innovate and create something new, it is good to look at the white paper as the tatami in your dojo (martial art gym). Few times a week you challenge yourself in front of the blank paper. You exercise over and over, until you find your voice, your style, your new inspiration. Only after, you polish your approach, you share your voice and you test it with colleagues, partners and the market.

As an entrepreneur, don’t limit your creativity: make spaces for it. Be open to serendipity. You will discover new opportunities. It helps me to think about David Perell statement and drawing: “keep reading to collect the dots, but keep writing to connect them”. 

Read To collect the dots_write to connect them